Trouble Witches

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Trouble Witches

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Trouble Witches| Shooter | 271 MB | English/Japanese

The land of Karunbunkurs was a magical realm filled with harmony. The power of the living things in this realm gave birth to "mana", a power few could handle. Those who harnessed mana were known as witchcraft and developed powerful abilities. In this land lies a ring called "Draupnir" which is said to bestow both wisdom and power on it's wearer. One day the ring of Drupnir was stolen by a band of evil witches known as the Daughters of Amalgam. Following their theft, many disasters began to occur in across the land, but the witches powers allowed them to evade capture. The king, knowing his own forces were limited sent out a call across the land asking for help. A group of young witches have heard this call and traveled to do battle with the Daughters of Amalgam.

Trouble Witches is a side-scrolling shooter with lots of action. As enemies are defeated they leave behind coins which can be spent at the pumpkin shop to acquire new abilities and spells. These spells when used in battle have a variety of effects and visual qualities.

The game features modes for straight arcade action as well as a story mode with dialog.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/Windows XP (may not work with Windows Me or Windows 98)
CPU: Pentium 4, 1.5GHz or higher (or equivalent)
RAM: 256MB or more
HDD: 600MB or more available hard drive space
Video: GeForce5800 or Radeon9600 or higher; DirectX 9c or above


Game has vibrant soundtrack, speech and full motion sequences,
English manual and preconfigured Joypad to Keyboard emulator included.


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